Experience, History, Perspective

As a young advisor in 1982, Bill Gettings, CFP® helped a suburban Chicago paper company set up one of the first ever 401(k) plans in the Midwest.  With this valuable experience, Gettings Reed Financial continues to guide our corporate and business clients through the process of selecting the right retirement plan for their company. 

History also provides perspective; retirement plan expenses are vastly different depending on a number of factors.  The landscape continually changes and it is imperative for plan trustees to thoroughly audit their plans.

It is critical to pay attention to your plan costs, including buried fees often difficult to see. We will make sure you and your employees know your real costs and help you select investments and administrators that suit your needs.

“Your (401-k) account balance will determine the income you will receive ... Fees and expenses may substantially reduce your income.”
— US Department of Labor website

We will help improve your plan. Period. Here’s how…

Streamlined Operations

There are only a few parts to all retirement plans, but services are often blurred with expenses buried and difficult to determine.  We clearly explain investment, administrative, trustee, and advisory services – you’ll know exactly what services you’re receiving and the fees associated.   If you already have a plan, we will evaluate all features and costs and give you and honest assessment of where you stand.

Our firm will handle enrollment and education with employees as they begin participation.  Participants will have full access to our team of professional advisors.  Because we care, and take very seriously our role, your employees will know you care.

Transparent Fees

  • Gettings Reed has long-standing relationships with experienced administrative & record-keeping firms – we’ll handle finding the right fit for you.

  • We receive no referral fees or compensation – our only interest is to introduce you to the best partner for your plan.

  • Fees will be easy to understand, fully transparent and practical.

Fiduciary investment partner

  • Our firm researches & reviews all investments selected – consistent performance, broad diversification and low cost.

  • Gettings Reed plans embrace simplicity and a full suite of investments:

    • Low-cost Index funds

    • Target Date funds

    • Risk-based portfolios

    • Participant driven investments

    • Professional Advice as Fiduciaries

  • We partner with you as fiduciaries.